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i feel sorry for the people who 'ever' thought these drinks were healthy... and before you ask, no i don't buy sugary drinks, i also don't drink juice as it's full of sugar also... what I do use to flavour my filtered water are doTERRA Essential Oils and a little Stevia for sweetness (if needed)... mixing peppermint, wild orange & lemon is awesomely refreshing... you can use them to make your own lemonade & sprite as well... so good, such value & in return, so much healthier for your body...

Sandy Hill

Are these all the drinks you tested? it's always been well recognised (by anyone who's bothered to check!) that smoothies and fruit juice are very high sugar and high calorie although at least they are also full of vitamins unlike the coke you've compared them to. You name and shame one flavour of Tesco smoothies but don't mention any other flavours or brands - do you mean theirs is worse or just theirs is the only one you checked?


If like me you do not like water unless it is flavoured, then I would suggest that you check the sugar content in the drinks you have. I have a variety of drinks all day long, so I do have some sugar, and some aspartame. I am more concerned with staying hydrated, rather than worrying if they are healthy.



Jenny Davies

That's a bit rich, coming from Activia UK, who are STILL using Aspartame in their low calorie yoghurt drinks! I'd rather take sugar over Aspartame any day.

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