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Rickie Leigh Cooper

If you are going to drink ribena then drink the original as ribena light contains chemicals such as aspartame which are carcinogens. Original ribena contains anthycyanins which gives fruit it's colour which is incredibly good for you and of course vitamin C which is an antioxidant that clears dangerous toxins from your body. Ask for sugars it's just 29% of your daily allowance so as long as you hear healthily its probably good to have just one or two a day, but no more, anything in excess is harmfull even fruit.

Jeff bing bong

I cannot believe what you are insinuating. Ribera is the best thing created and pathetic teapots like you need to look into the real world and notice that the best things in life are going to affect you slightly( you might get a few rotten teeth). How can you even state this is true? I personally think this man made it up. Disgraceful. AND MY NAMES JEFF BING BONG NOT JEFF BING BING, GOD.

Holly hay stack

What? I totally disagree, jeff bing bing. Ribera is terribly unhealthy and I suggest to any of you kids who drink it to stop before you die of an overdosage of sugar.

Jeff bing bong

Well I find this offensive because this is lies

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