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Tony gore

The choice is yours ?? Personally** ginger nuts or digestive ! And the occasional hobnob.


I don't eat squirrels do I? I mean well perhaps I do one or two but there's no law against that, is there? It's a free country. (enter a knight in amour) I mean if I want to eat a squirrel now and again, that's me own business, innit?


So the best tasting ones are the worst for you and the worst tasting ones are the best for you. It's a biscuit. Treat yourself.


I have had a cholesterol test done it was 7.3 so I am looking for biscuits that are low in saturated fat

A Richardson

Go for Rich Tea or Malted Milk


My husband have just had heart surgery what is the best biscuits to buy so he do not have to give them up altogether.


party rings are only 29 calories


Who told you that?! -_-


Are the rich teas the healthiest mcvities biscuits out there or the red packet digestives?


IReally want to know what every day biscuit is low in sugar.


I work in a nursing home I can assure you it is not a prison !!


Notice how the best tasting ones are the worst for you, so you will live longer , but the down side is dementia, Alzheimers, infirmity, incontinence and up to thirty years in prison, sorry I meant nursing home.

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