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phillip mcinerney

It is not very hard to click 19 times. Only an incredibly lazy person would have a problem with that.

Alex Johnson

Clearly not a worthwhile guide -- obsessing over calorie content without due regard for per weight content (it is mentioned but not reflected in score) is very silly. Saturated fat is very much worth thinking about, but it would also be prudent to include salt and fibre content (as an aside, fibre content is a good way of approximating the proportion of potato in the chip)

Dee Price

well I didnt... what a load of tosh


you should read something else than snake oil peddler articles -.-

Snow White

What about Golden Wonder's Ringos? They are only 60-odd cals per packet! Haven't checked sodium and fat content but they are the lowest in terms of calories that I have ever come across and they're yummy : )

Snow White

About salt, yes it's natural but no, it's not incredibly bad for you. Excessive salt is bad for you. Our cells need a certain amount of salt in order to function properly.

mr gary goldsmith


Craig Goslan

They're all bad for you.


Do you seriously expect people to click through 19 different slides!

Mike Byrne

Point is though its often the lack of exercise that causes obesity etc and if your active and eat loads of fruit and veg despite eating a few crisps a week it shouldnt harm you. This country should tackle the amount of fried fatty takeaways and lack of exercise more


Aidan, you do know that MSG is really bad for you and yes they have a lot of negative properties(read an article or something


The lack of MSG you're obsessing about is completely irrelevant, since MSG has no known negative properties. Yes, it's obviously mainly made artificially, but salt is totally natural and also incredibly bad for you. Focus on the high salt and fat content, and ignore "nutritionist - approved" nonsense about "natural" ingredients and MSG.

jax silman

pity you cant come here our local Spa makes fresh crispy ones no salt - to die for Jax


You can't beat Walkers crisps for flavour,you give mini cheddars a higher mark than these but have you tasted them? I've had more cheese flavour in a bag of ready salted crisps.

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