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Milky way is delish! i thought it was just as bad as Mars, but man this is a nice suprise


These lists suck lmao. I don't think chocolate is very healthy but dark chocolate at least provides benefits that milk choclate doesnt. Kind of dumb that smarties is on a list for chocolate bars but really, natural dyes is one of the reasons why its "better" than the other candy? lmao. Just go ahead and find a decent granola bar that has chocolate bits in it, at least you will get other nutrients. Going by pure calories only is like 1990s slim fast fad diet type of nutrition.


Sorry to say, but this ranking is just plain stupid. Milky Way has way more sugar than the others. It's just smaller and somebody who would eat Snickers won't feel satisfied with one little Milky Way. Miky Way is the worst choice actually, as it doesn't contain any nutricial value.


Thank you for sharing, I am a chocoholic and that would help me pick up a better chocolate next time I'm off track with my diet


where are the milky way crispy roll! They're really tasty and the healthiest by far. zoop zoop!


I LOVE Milky Ways - what a bonus they come in at less than 100 calories - it'll be easy for me to stay on track with TLC then and achieve my goal weight for Christmas!

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