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Never bought them since they changed the recipe around 2003, when they replaced the raspberry flavour with strawberry. Also too, up to 2003, 11% of the sweet was made with fruit juice of the flavour - i.e. 11% raspberry juice in the raspberry sweet, 11% fruit juice in the lemon sweet. Now only 2-3% approximately is made of fruit juice of the flavour, and the majority (22-23%) is just apple and grape juice. So while there only used to be 11% fruit juice in the old recipe compared with 25% now, 22-23% of the sweet NOW is grape or apple juice, which is just sugary water. Nowhere near as fruity as they used to be. Accountants spoil it for us all again.

Nom DePlume

It would probably help if we knew the measurement of a "small bag."

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