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Dame Judy Dench is the best short cut I have seen, it was great when I had mine cut to the same short length. Gave the confidence seeing the short cut on a lady of a certain age plus a tiny bit (no offence meant Dame Judy)


this is the one for me - in brown tho! - I like my style simple, short and off my face


Kiera Knightly is the style i would go for as it would fit my face shape more. I need a bit of cover for my jaw as its not defined enough to look good with very short hair

Sarah Foran

my fav is Keira Knightley, beautiful style and length


I love this one because although it's relatively short it is still very feminine, and it suits Keira's face perfectly.

Camilla Currier

I'd choose Keira's graduated bob- sexy and face-framing, and can be worn sleek or tousled, it's short but versatile! Perfect!

Mary 'supermum' williams

I would love to go this short, its ruffled sexy look is so in right now. And gives faces such a beautiful shape. Really hot look x

Samantha Mann

id choose this hairstyle.. its short but feminine, I'm not really a fan of super short hair on women but this looks lovely.

tracey olver

I would choose this hairstyle as I think it looks pretty not quite brave enough to go any shorter and you still have the options to do different stlyes with it, glam it up for nights out is a must

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