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Amy Robson

Keira Knightley she looks so pretty with that hairstyle. Wish I had the guts to to something like that or even change my whole style.


Jessie J, she looks gorgeous!! Wish I was brave enough to change my hairstyle!

martina caulfield

Rihanna and short hair definitely work. Don't think anne's hair suits her but when she dyed it blond- what a positive transformation for the short haired look.

Rach Riches

Love Anne Hathaways hair, her hair always suits her face whatever style she has, shes one of these women that can get away with any style *jealous*


like this one because it is longer and can restyle it many ways


I love Jessie J's hair style! :) x


all the hairstyles look great but none would suit me as i look and feel better with a fringe


I love no.4 Charlize Theron, a great cut but I would only go for it if I was as beautiful as her.

Kathryn Scannell

Love short hair, but my ears stick out to Rihanna's x


Love Jessie's hair, couldn't pull this of myself but really suits her. (and raised a lot of money 4 a wonderful charity)

karen king

hathaways look very striking love it x

Sandra Clarke

I like a slightly longer look to cover my wide face so I think Keira Knightley's look would suit me

Karen Jones

as i have naturally curly hair i dont think any would suit me but i do like Cameron Diaz's cut

Melanie Edjourian

sleeked back looks great, i'm not convinced that really short hair would ever suit me

Karen Barrett

Love Jessie, always looks fab especially with her very short hair.

Pete McLaughlin

Love short hair- so versatile as it can be spiked, flat, gelled etc, With all crops tho' you do need young features and a pretty face to carry it off!

FionaLynne Edwards

I love Anne Hathaway's gamin look - very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and so pretty

Sharon Pearson

i love jessie j look now i wish i was brave enough to shave my head

Nicola Dean

Rihanna's style is short and simple, easily managable, while still looking femanine

liz denial

Rihanna's short style is simple yet stunning

Manda Burnett

This is great style for any ages. Vibrant , stylish and so easy to manage and any colour. I love it

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