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I have been bald, through cancer & the good thing about it, I always said, was I could get ready with out the worry of my hair, all had to do was put a wig on, if I felt like having hair that day


If you had it cut short, why hide it under wigs & weaves, just be your self. For me, iv always wanted long hair that I could put in a ponytail, I always had short hair, from the age of 16, in fact it was shaved at the back & sides & blonde on top, but from the age of 45, I have had long violet hair, which surprisingly is easier to manage than short hair

Carol Stapleton

I've been thinking about having my head shaved for a long time now but hubby is against it. I have such dificulty keeping it in order due to my suffering from MS, this is just one of the reasons why I could do without any of it. Anyway, I love bald heads!

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