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Towel drying first does work and can even add more volume to your hair, but it can be very damaging... so be careful!!


Best way to dry you hair quickly, is to first towel dry your hair as much as possible. Comb out your hair, and then towel dry again. (you will notice a lot more water is released as you are combing your hair) Now you want to blow dry your hair half way just to get rid of most of the moisture. Blowdrying all over, and combing hair with your fingers. Once you think you have gotten the majority of the moisture out, starting at the nape, take a section of hair down, and clip the rest up. Dry this section completely, then take down the next section. Repeat until your hair is completely dry. Adding a small amount of hair serum/oil before blowdrying can cut your blowdrying time in half. A great to try is Macadamia oil. - Licensed Hairstylist

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