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I feel like it's supposed to be cool, not cold.


Lol, I'm barely paying attention to these now. i had read a ton of articles saying the same thing, but now more and more articles are saying that putting your hair through any extreme makes it weaker.


Cool water also helps with colour treated hair. If you have trouble with your colour fading too quickly, try not to wash your hair with really warm or hot water. Heat opens the hair cuticle and allows the colour molecules to be easily washed away. Taking cold showers suck, but even just turning the water to as cool as you can stand it while washing your hair will really help! Also, you need to condition! Conditioner helps seal the cuticle and lock in colour molecules!! - Licensed Hairstylist


I do this to wash my conditioner out. I put only my hair under the water though so it works out fine ;P

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