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Michael Doherty

I never go through these lists. I would if they were on one page through which I could scroll.


I switched off after the fist few points I read because it addresses people who have partners but what if your single? I don't have a partner to give me a massage, I have no-one to have sex with in the morning never mind for 7 nights to loose weight. I gave up reading after that.....whats the point?

Lou Hufford

follow your dreams - otherwise you will forever question the 'what ifs' :-)

Aunty Karen

Happiness begins with a smile. smiling is contagious, try it and see.

Heather Harrison

No matter what life throws at you! Smile and be happy to all you meet.


Massage is the ultimate in relaxation, and this results in happiness. How can it not? Touch is so powerful!

Pete McLaughlin

Be content- have hopes and dreams rather than expectations

Pete McLaughlin

Have hopes & dreams rather than expectations

Karen Jay

I may not always want to go to the gym but usually half way through a class or session i begin to enjoy it & by the end I'm happy that i made the effort

Marianne Hill

Definitely listening to music. It can cheer you up in an instant and remind you of happy times. It can be shared with all the family too. Me and my children love putting music on and dancing about like crazies!

Laura Jayne Bates

my beatiful family

christine pulford

Be true to yourself and learn to love who you are

Jane Bridgeman

I think to smile at people that we meet is great because it might be the only interaction some people have all day.


Am a great believer in that song lyric.... "The only thing that really matters is to love and to be loved

sharon smith

being with my boyfriend makes me the happiest person in the world,he is always there for me whenever i need him

jalila djelassi

I'm going wid morning sex, it always puts a smile on my face anyways ;0)

chick taylor

Laughter is always the best medicine. xxooxx

FionaLynne Edwards

Say "I love you" - so true!

Julie NChris Easby

Laughter Is The Best Medicine ... Keep Smiling and You Finds Others will Smile also :)

Linda Donnelly

Everyone has a smile, share yours with everyone you meet :-)

christine pulford

Remember to smile and laugh even if it's at yourself, this helps you relax and also is a good mini workout. :) Hahaha :) and laughter is infectious so makes everyone happy x

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