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Rachel Gilbey

Its got to be a holiday, Nothing better than being in the sun, relaxed and nothing to worry about for up to 2 weeks, and since I tend to go away by myself, noone to argue with either. Can relax and be happy how I want!

Rosie d

A relaxing holiday in the sun- perfect for recharging those batteries, sampling fruit and vegetables that are locally sourced makes me oh so happy

Bea Selb

definitely a holiday. a chance to have some new experiences, get away from the stresses of everyday life for a while..when you go back you'll feel refreshed and in a clear state of mind :)

Laura Halls

Has to be a holiday for me, whether it be a fortnight somewhere hot and exotic or a weekend at a caravan park just some time to be away from all the worries of home life to just relax unwind and have fun with my family is perfect and always makes me happy

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