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Gemma Chandler

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Carrie Louise Talbot-Ashby

I must say this a dozen times a day to my husband and kids, and it never dulls the meaning! Saying I love you just always leaves me so happy and confident, I know that they Love me back equally, and its just such a great feeling having so much love to share about! ;-) I make sure its the last thing my hubby hears before work, and the first thing he hears when he gets home! :-)

Hazel Christopher

"Treat Yourself" - this is very good advice anyone but I think it's particularly fitting for parents who often prefer to splash out on the kids and go without themselves.

Jane Bridgeman

When somebody hugs you or you give a hug to somebody else,it makes me Soooo Happy

Evelyn Moffat

If you love someone, tell them, everyday. In some cases, it might be the last words they hear. I live with my Mum and we say it to each other every single night at bedtime x


There is no better feeling than to love and be loved.

Chris woodgate

I say 'I love you' to my wife at every opportunity during the day because I do love her and not afraid to show it with these three little words, which means so much.


mine is my family they make me so happy

Debbie Anne Hume

This is a lovely way to make your loved ones happy and yourself. xxx

nigel pickering

it definately has to be saying i love you ,not just to the one you love but to all your family let people know now before you dont get the chance too

Jessica Cook

I love this tip I tell my friends and family I love them when I see them, lifes too short and you should let the people u love know how much they mean to you

Danni Mackenzie

Danni Mackenzie-to Be Ok so all 50 are great BUT for me it's deffinatley 'saying I love you' ... Why? Because not only does it make us happy but it makes the person you tell happy, cared for, wanted, loved.... I tell my children and my partner more than once a day that I love them, you can never what might happen.... Things happen every day to people, and I'd rather them know I love them every day than me not tell them and it be too late one day..... You hear every day people saying ' if only I'd told them I loved them this morning, and now it's too late' ..... I won't be that person ..... Soppy I know lol

Linda Donnelly

Three important words and everyone needs to know that they are loved. I love you

Heather Playdon

This should be on everyone's To-Do-List everyday! I tell my husband and my daughter at least twice a day. Making someone else happy makes YOU happy. Simple really :-)

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