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Laughter makes me happy

Ali Thorpe

This is such good advice, although it's not something one can do to order. I think it means surrounding yourself with people who bring it out in you, get you and enable you to just let go. When we do really belly laugh, boy! There's nothing like it, is there? :)


Laughter is the very best medicine" I watch funny films on TV and episodes of Mrs Browns Boys, they always make me laugh - Laughing even attracts the opposite sex, a person never looks or takes notice of a miserable person" the one laughing or who has a smile on there face" is more likely to be happy in finding love. Also good for getting over an illness" it releases good hormones to help the body! SO laugh away as much as possible ;)

Julie Johnson

I try and have at least 3 belly laughs a day, just watching the kids and what they get upto, it is an amazing feeling, i know sometimes your sides hurt, but boy it is worth it

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