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pauline duffy

thank you very much :) this has definitely made my day. Always wanted to try to do the UV Gel nails so this is just fantastic ~ thank you xx

Gemma Chandler

Hi Pauline, We're pleased to announce you've won this week's Treat Tuesday, a UV Gel Starter Nail Kit from Belle Gel, lucky you! Please could you get in contact with us letting us know your address and contact number, and we'll organise your prize for you. You can message us via Facebook or email us at :) Many thanks, Gemma

pauline duffy

This is a great tip for me and one that I have started to do. I am an awful worrier and always over-thinking and analysing every one of my problems. I hate that I am like this and no matter what I do to help fix it I can never fix it completely. I also always chat to my mum who is my shoulder to cry on she always says that things will be ok and will work themselves out, wait and see and 9 outta 10 times she's always right. Todays worries aren't always necessarily tomorrows worries and doing this tip has made me see that I need to relax and unwind a wee bit more as I always seem to have something to worry about xx


I am a worrier, so this is a good tip for me, the only problem is I will worry that i wil not wake up to write down my worries!!

Sacha Feehan

Oh yes, this is the best way. I often do it and often recommend it because it works. You are able to get something off your mind without upsetting others, making everyone happy in the long run.

Laura Hand

l find this the most useful tip, especially for people like myself who find it hard to talk to people about problems and worries. l always carry a notebook with me and jot down if l am worried about anything or have a problem. l always feel so much better and happier after doing this


I think this is a brilliant tip, it certainlly does help to unload.

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