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Tracey Hallmark

Spending quality time with your partner is great for your well being simple things like making dinner and even washing up together can be great fun and then relax on the sofa with a good film, a cuddle and a glass of wine and have a few giggles and sneaky kisses lovely xxx

Marge Reeni

Hmmm Bubble Bath, Face Mask, Lashings of Body Butter and then curl up on sofa with my favourite bar of chocolate and a book. Great way to feel good.

Louise Lumsden

spending quality time with your partner is so important to keep your bond strong as it can be

Debbie Gillespie

When I'm feeling down a some pampering - facial or manicure, certainly boosts my mood.

Eleanor Beavan

I think if you are feeling particularly down some pampering definitely cheers you up and destresses you, ensuring that you will sleep well

Karen Barrett

A little bit of pampering always works for me

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