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I can't see any cereals here being mentioned only how much we should be eating


What a lot of bollocks, put together by a kid by the sounds of it. These are all loaded with sugar. Did Kellogs pay for this?


Some Green fingered OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) sufferers; vehemently swear that eating garden weeds have far more nutrient value than any commercial cereals. I am inclined to agree given the robo-factured stuff full of insatiable metals, sugars and bleaching agents that get poured into even complex Oat-bran quakes!


I was once given weetabix and Cornflakes with hot water by a health-freak foster parent when I was 16 and ate this with a sprinkling of sugar - lost 2 stones in weight at the time yet do prefer cereals without milk now as a result. Have no idea what the healthiest cereal is many years later, except for shredded-wheat/Shreddies, I always put raisins instead of sugar on these yet certain that I am still eating commercially nutrient-vaped starters for dawn-crack meals!. I know that organic oats are meant to be the most health-efficient of all cereals yet far more expensive to buy compared with regular oatmeal brands; feel very resentful towards so-called healthy commercial marketing that actually process multi-grain everything so that real nutrient content is squeezed out of existence - paying high VAT on these bleach-brandished goods.


Wow no store around me within 200 miles sells any of these cereals. Maybe other brand names but not these here.

Mike Harrison

lol ye cornflakes near the top lol..its pure maize which is basically sugar. Ever had a big bowl of cornflakes it doesnt fill u at all. just cos the fat is low so is a bag of sugar but then u wouldnt eat that for breakfast haha. Wholewheats would be near top list without added sugars with low to moderate fats ;p

Rick Brannigan

First cereal criticised is for high fat and high calories... It contains nuts which are high in good fats and since fat has a high caloric content it is going to be high in calories. It's not all black and white that fat is bad and high calories are bad. Misinformation.

brian nguyen

how can you not include fibre catergory smh

Marcia Malory

Do you realize that the cereals that you are criticizing for being high in fat are high in fat because they contain nuts, which actually makes them healthier?

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