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I love weetbix with cold banana omg yummm! & I'm pregnant & its the only thing my baby let's me have for breakfast :)

Rush Shukla

Weatabix is baby food. I don't care how healthy it is, it's just a pile of gunge to me. There are not many cereals that ain't poisoned with sugar but as long as the East India Illuminati companies own the food chains it will always be present. Its best to avoid cereals altogether and look for healthier sugar free options.


In the bin because it smells. No its good.


I agree even though I've not had it I can predict the taste


I have Aldi brand Weetabix because I'm poor and aldi brand everything is awesome quality. I prefer aldi cheerios, for example. I either have at least 6 Weetabix or I mix 2 - 4 Weetabix and aldi's cheerios (multi hoops I think they are called) together.


I like honey on my Weetabix and reckon banana would be good with the honey but I haven't had it. In winter I like hot milk on Weetabix and sometimes I melt chocolate buttons on them. Yum a la yum. Indeed.


I eat 6 weetabix, pretty sure thàts more than the "set portion size"

Roddy Martin

Weetabix are indeed quite tasty old chum. Noo, gonna gies ano'er bowl big man eh?!


Translation required.


Weetabix, honey and bananas = best morning breakfast!

Dennis Nowland

Yep and they have even reduced the salt content to 0.28, according to the box


Errrr .. Porridge ? One of the most popular, healthy and cheapest cereal on the market.. where is that ?!!





jimmy the boaby

Hawwww weetabix r the damage m8.

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