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Richard Lloyd

You missed Oat Cheerios, which are healthier than standard Cheerios - the oat version only has 4.7% sugar. As someone else said, you really should have included the fibre levels - it's inexcusable leaving them out! Nestle cereals with high fibre have a handy "green top" to the box, making them easy to spot in the aisle. One tip if you've bought a low sugar cereal but still want that sugary taste, get the blue jar of Canderel Sugarly (wait until it is half price in Tesco - it is right now as I write this). It's by far the closest tasting to sugar of all the artificial sweeteners on the market...and no nasty aftertaste!

Sarah Holding

Totally agree, just because something is high calorie doesn't mean it's not nutritious and good for you either.


Countless studies suggest that sugar does not make kids hyper, it's all in your perception.

Manoj Popat

i just love this cereal sure it has high fat but other than that it is very Nutritious But But I live in Canada and I don't know where i can get this in Canada been trying all majot stores but no luck Can someone let me know if they know or 604-291-9371 Thanks you


This is a terrible review do you even know nutrition? The high fat content is from the nuts, which is a great source of fat for humans. Humans need to eat fat would you stop with the putting people off from eating fat please. it damages us. where do the calories come from? again, if you knew about nutrition you would list good or bad calories, they are not just a number it isnt as simple as that, you are again lending support to an unhealthy idea of calories. Salt is not all bad either. Sugar is 18.9 not 21.9.


Stupid, misleading article. No mention of the fibre content anywhere.


It would help in your assessments if you included recommended daily amounts , 480 calories does not seem excessive for a good and sustaining breakfast

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