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Mike Harrison

Hows is they no oats on this list? Oats would be number 1 unless u going on caloric density then it would be shredded wheat or weetabix as a bowl of them would weigh alot less. depends on your appetite.

Clarice King

I heat my shredded wheat and eat it warm. Very good that way.


Cereals 1-14 should have a Government Health warning on them.


Frosted Shreddies another cereal invented by accountants. 29% SUGAR ,


Cheerios........These are aimed at the kiddie market so have nearly a quarter of their content as sugar. Great profits for Nestles and the dentists.


Awesome Comment @NelsonMaximus ! SPOT ON!


Excellent. However as Nestle are pretty much the antichrist when it comes to unethical companies, the next step is to find a healthy cereal which we can buy without helping a corporation which profits from others misery.

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