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Victoria Connolly

This would be great as I have endless bits of paper dotted around the house with things I need to buy on them! to have them in one place and on my phone which I always have with me would be fab.

mel butcher

This would be perfect for me, I write a shopping list every week and every week I get to the supermarket and realise I've left my list at home!

Kate Huxstep

I would have to choose this app, I always arrive home from shopping and have forgotten something important. No excuses with this.


This would be ideal for me, I am always losing my list or leaving it on the kitchen bench !!

Lisa Troccoli

This would be my favourite app because I never have time to write a proper shopping list and always forget a few things by the time I have been round the supermarket and come home!

Carolle Wieler

I would pick this app as it would look better than a tatty piece of paper !

Carolle Wieler

I would pick this app as it would look cooler than a tatty piece of paper.

Lydia Munchkins Mummy Appleyar

perfect! I would deff download this, im always going shopping and forgetting my list. or remembering things when im out and forgetting to write them down. a deff must

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