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Jessica Cook

Lots of water to keep me hydrated and moisturising daily, I also give myself a mini facial once or twice a month to give my skin a treat

Pete McLaughlin

High protection sun screen or the shade- only options!

sandra henderson

Eat lots of greens,dont cut out fat from your diet it helps keep skin elastic,drink plenty of water and dont get stressed.


I always take my B and D vitamins and drink a lot of water throughout the day. I love to splash water on my face a few times a day and let it dry naturally. Using a serum moisturizer, my favorite is Oil of Olay, in the morning and at night, especially around eyes has kept me looking young.


Clean all your make up off every night, moisturise, and eat plenty of fruit and veg, preferably raw. Not forgetting to drink water instead of fizzy drinks.

Eleanor Beavan

My tip is to use a serum as an overnight mask, you will wake up with wonderfully soft blemish free skin


my tip is drink plenty (water) sleep and eat well and have fun and enjoy life and smile :) x

liz denial

I always drink lots of cold water to keep my skin hydrated & fresh looking & follow a cleanse tone & moisturise morning & night


Drink plenty of water, lots of sleep and use a moisturiser with a high SPF, as even though there is no sun seasons effect our skin, and change your moisturiser depending on the season as some are heavier than others and our skin still has to breathe

Gemma Chandler

Hi Emma, Congratulations, you are our Treat Tuesday winner this week! Please could you get in touch with your address and contact number and we can organise having your No7 prize sent out to you? You can get in touch with us via our Facebook page. :)


always drink plenty of water, stop smoking and always moisturise daily

Carolyn Lenny

Always wear a sun-hat and SPF on your face..............and drink lots or water

Diane Wareing

Always remove make-up! Drink plenty of water, use a good moisturiser and gentle facial scrub. use a facial steamer once a week to open up the pores and this will help remove impurities. Finally drink a glass of hot lemon in water each morning as this is great for good looking skin.

Jane wright

Never, ever use soap on my face, just too drying, never ever leave foundation on overnight, and try to use it only for special occasions, always moisturise twice daily, always drink plenty of water and have a well balanced diet

Val Pownall

Always clean your skin thoroughly and moisturise - no matter how late it is! And drink plenty of water.

Kirstie Thomas

Honey and sugar makes a great exfoliator... smells great too :) leaves your skin soooo soft hehe x

Emma Morgan

My favourite beauty tip is to mix my moisturiser with my foundation so I get a lighter coverage that is good for my skin. Great also if I am short on time and a thrifty way to make my product last longer :-)


My mum used to be an air stewardess back in the 70s and she swore that there are 3 golden rules to skin care: hot water and lemon in the morning; moisturise and drink 3litres of water, not 2, a day... She said sleep would be the 4th but she was always out partying or flying too much, so it was a lucky to have additiion... I like her style! Now at 65 she stil has amazing skin...


Everyone's skin is unique so go and see a specialist/beauty therapist who can give you advice on how you can look after your skin. Exercise, a good diet and sleep will benefit all skin types.


Always remove makeup before bed

Claire Woods

Water - drink plenty of it.

Shelley Jessup

Always pay attention to what your skin is adsorbing through your skin care, foods you eat & your environment the more natural the better.

Victoria Connolly

I try to keep "on top of my sleep" as much as I can - if I have a rough night with the kids or a late boozy one I always make up for it the next night


eat fruit and veg, drink water, take make up off and try and get as much sleep as possible. Simple but true, also always moisturise.

anthony harrington

my Wife says to drink plenty of water and remove every scrap of make up off before bedtime.

Clairmse Dukes

Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegatables you will see you skin glow.

Debbie Anne Hume

Always moisture your skin, use a SPF and drink plenty of water. smile to flex those face muscles. x

Olivia Kirby

I choose a foundation with an SPF, I can't go out without make up so I also need to do the full cleanse tone and moisturise every night too. I have days off of the make up if I'm having an at home day.

Ali Thorpe

Never go without SPF on your face, be it summer or winter. If your day cream doesn't contain SPF protection, ditch it and buy one which does xxx


Use a good skin regime, suitable for your skin type. Drink, excercise and eat good food. Most importantly, smile loads!! :)

Mel Daniels

Drink lots of water and use a good moisturiser with sunscreen every morning and a great night cream at night.

Angela M

Be sure to exfoliate once a week to help maintain healthy skin and complexion Angela Moore

Lisa Dolatowski

Tea Tree Oil is the best thing I have found for spots. its only £1 in HomeBargains at the moment. Cleanse and moisturise every night. For Frizzy hair I highly recommend Toni&Guy if you have extra cash to spare if not Garnier 3 day straightening spray is fab!

melanie crumpton

Drink lots of water and get lots of sleep

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