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Joseph Woolley

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Joseph Woolley

7.2g per 100g = 3.6g per 50g

Stephen Mani

Homemade bread using flour from a local mill

Stephen Mani

Because there are no 'added' nasties ... no improver, no sugar etc and because you make it you know exactly what's in it and the extra ingredient 'love'


So. Where's the LIST???


You can eat as healthy as you like but if you don't exercise aswell on a regular your wasting your time.


Concerned with many of these recommendations made, if your are buying a 'family loaf'. These rankings are most suited to the needs of fully grown adults who percieve themselves to be/are overweight. If young growing kids are sharing the same loaf they are being filled with 'empty' lower calorie bread. They need the vitamins carried in the brown/wholegrain loafs & they need the fat in these breads, because many vitamins lie within this fat.

Mike 'Baba' Roberts

everybody should know that ANY white bread has had its wheat kernels literally stripped of all the goodness before they are ground. Manufacturers remove the germ and bran (along with 80 percent of the fibre and most of the nutrients). So I am struggling to see how any white loaf made it higher on the list than any real whole grain loaf. It really is ridiculous. On top of the good stuff being stripped from the grain the manufacturer will often add bleaches disguised as other names and abbreviations too! All white bread has no good stuff included and should always be avoided.


Wot best brand for high colesteral


We never buy bread, my hubby makes our bread by hand, delicious.


How does it differ in homemade bread please?


ye , a pig farm that I worked on years ago feed them bread that the shops didn't sell


Surely Vogel's Bread should be included in this list. The healthiest bread I know of and tastes great too. Packed with seeds and grains.

Pauline Crosby

You need to check your maths,7.2 gms fat per 100gms.slice of bread is 50gms so that makes it 14.4 gms of fat.


Remember there is NO "allowance" for fat intake, it's just a recommended amount that is mistakenly often referred to by writers as an "allowance." You decide what you eat nobody else and you are allowed to eat whatever you choose even if it's a slab of lard.


A lot of supermarket bread is tastless however I have discovered three that are really good. Tesco's Irish Wheaten Bread (reminds me of my Grandmother's homemade brown soda bread) served with an egg is fab and their brown malted loaf is outstanding for sandwiches and toast. As far as white bread goes, Waitrose's rustic white is the nicest I have tried.


People need to not that those that are high fat are those containing seeds (seeds are good for us and nutritious and contain HEALTHY fat).To get a better idea of processed fat best look at the ingredients

Liz Read

None of this is real bread, its all plastic rubbish full of sugar, tasteless and nothing like real bread. Go home make a nice sourdough and enjoy it !!!


I love the new Oaty bread from M & S, currently on offer 2 for £2.50


Bread is carbohydrate - eat lots of carbs and you will put on weight, this is what farmers do to their pigs to fatten them up for market, eat less bread, bakery products and other products containing carbs and you will lose weight, it's that simple !

Maria Hewitt

how many people eat bread by the gram, its calories per slice that counts, making this information flawed!

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