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This survey seems to be based purely on price. Nothing to do with health benefits. There are some fancy breads with nuts and fruit or whatever you could add to make it “exotic” or trendy. The one that I have come to rely on with the best health benefits for me, (being on the Dr Mosley - Blood Sugar Diet), is the Soya & Linseed bread, and at a random online search is only 99 calories per slice. The white bread, which score high, in this survey and in the higher calories per slice range, and also where the processed starch from this bread turns to sugar fastest should really be marked as the lowest. It might be cheap but the health benefits are not very good.


Nimble is low in everything except air, of which there is plenty. That is why it is low in other things.


BURGEN It is very high in both protein and fibre. Most of the fats are unsaturated (from seeds...good fats). The claim it is 1/10 is absurd. Closer to 10/10 on any sensible review.

John Stott

For diabetics this bread is wonderful, we are given stupid advice by the NHS. This bread is marvelous for those of us following low carb diets for overall blood sugar management. A bread with only 11gm of carbs per slice is a boon.


your fasting cholesterol is. have you taken a reading after eating an egg as that is what is wrecking your endothelial layer in your arteries?


It is no coincidence that populations with highest gi (gl) diets are also the ones with the least type2 diabetes and obesity eg rural chinese. As the cause of type 2 is insulin resistance caused by intra hepatic and myocellular lipid, ie fat. This bread is low gi because it is higher in sat fat probably not a great choice when heart disease is our number 1 killer. Not to mention the high salt content.

Jim Franko

Burgen bread is a life saver. I have diabetes and it's one of the few breads I've found that hardly raises blood sugar. I've eaten nicer breads but it's perfectly edible.


This is the only bread that doesn't give me heart burn and keeps the bowl moving regularly. It has a massive thums up from me. It may be a little more expensive but is with every penny spent.

Robert Barton

Very Misleading,with no mention of quite low carbs and high fiber content. I really like this Bread

Harry McCormick

Sarah, don't listen to this nonsense, I switched from normal bread to Burgen soya & linseed 2 years ago, I lost over a stone in weight and my cholesterol is a steady 4.8 and i eat two eggs every day!


I agree it is misleading, forgot to say there are goods fats and bad fats is just one example on how it is misleading consumers.


This comparison pays absolutely no attention to the very real health issue of artificial preservatives - Burgen is one of the few breads on the UK Market (and one of only 2 sold at the Co-Op) which contains no E282 (Calcium Propionate)/ cultured dextrose or cultured whey powder - all of which pose a significant health risk and are well-documented as causing behavioral problems and bedwetting in children. Thumbs up for any company that doesn't jeapordise public health to increase profits.

Julie Speed

I agree this is a terrible comparison and at best misleading, at worst it could be down right dangerous - I am newly diagnosed diabetic and have been studying foods long and hard to ascertain the 'good' foods - burgen Soya and Linseed seems to be universally accepted (even quoted in US tables but not available there) as the best bread for a low GI diet. As others have said the addition of other things makes this a much more nutritious food. Gi levels are paramount in weight loss it would seem as if the body cannot process things fast enough - then the fuel gets stored as fat. People have been purely calorie and fat counting for years and yet still we continue to suffer more obesity and diabetes as well as other related illnesses - I feel I have been duped for long enough - Gi measures what happens to food AFTER it enters our bodies. Please review your ratings and how you evaluate foods.


Amazing to read this...they obviously have a different recipe down in NZ! Mind you I can't find the actual ingredients on the wrapper? NZ's Burgen Soy & Linseed has (per 100g) 222 cal, 7.2g fat, .8g sat fat, 2.7g sugar, 430mg sodium. It is the lowest carb weight I have found too!


Most breads (including wholemeal) are made of pulverized wheat. They are easily digested and rapidly spike blood sugar and insulin levels, which can lead to the notorious blood sugar “roller coaster” and stimulate overeating.


This is a terrible comparison and very misleading. White bread for 47p a bargain? Yes, definitely a bargain if you want to feed your family full of processed rubbish. I cannot believe it got 4/10. Soya and Linseed bread may be higher in calories and fat but that is because it contains seeds that are good for you. Seeds have calories. White bread has NO nutritional value whatsoever. I wish people would stop feeding their children this stuff.

Kamila Suszko

Just because it's slightly higher in calories etc. doesn't mean it isn't healthy. Makes sense for a bread that contains seeds. Linseed contains Omega-3 which is very good for you.


My god this article just saved me from my cholesterol rocketing. Thank you.


question: can you make marmalade using Stevia, if so what quantity? thanks


It actually has 2g of sugar and 89kcals per slice

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