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Rach J

The 'best' one - Waitrose Farmhouse Batch - when I look at the nutritional content on the pack today (9 months on from this article, stated as Feb '16) most of the numbers tie-in fairly closely with the exception of (for me) the most important one - Sugar! Per 100g; - Cals: 241 (slightly higher) - Fat 1.2g (same) - Sat Fat 0.3g (same) - Sugar 3.6g! (112% higher!) - Salt 1.0g (43% higher) Has Waitrose drastically changed the salt and sugar content of this product in the last 9 months, or was the article mistaken?


This article is poor. Whoever wrote it is a moron.


It is you idiot.... note the large "per 100g" title.


I'm actually convinced now this article was in fact written by miss piggy attempting to go on some kind of crash diet. Okay, forget about all the healthy ingredients & their benefits regardless of calories... just go for whatever the hell has the least fats. Yes, you & all your little miss piggy friends can go rushing down to the market for your fluffy white bread full of crap & no healthy fats. Enjoy your early grave.


You rate WHITE bread as the HEALTHIEST option... based on it's calories & being 'super-tasty'?! WTF... Everybody knows whole grain is the healthiest option, so don't post garbage like this. Clearly you don't know how to judge food, so stop. I can't actually believe this article was made recently in 2015. What the hell... Stupid.


Yes but have you seen all the ingrediants. Sorry I just would not buy it. This is a con. bread should be flour,water, fat,sugar, salt. milk, yeast and nothing else. Please explain why all the other ingredients.

Hilary Manfat

I assume they are just under the impression that it really doesn't take much effort to click a mouse button 21 times.

Wing Wong Wu Leroy Patel Smith

What a crap article, how about some real ranking signals like flavour, dryness, lastability.

Wing Wong Wu Leroy Patel Smith

Because advertisers sometimes pay per time advert is shown


I agree, utter rubbish, you must take into account the GI and you give no credit for the seeded breads. We all know brown bread is better for us but most if these are white. Many breads have loads of preservatives in but no mention of these either in the article. I am a health professional and it worries me to think that someone with less knowledge would follow this advice.


What a joke. Worst article EVER. Doesn't mention GI. Low GI better bread. The Soy and Linseed they say it's the worst is one of the lowest GI on the market, slow il blood. White Bread is fast GI, same as eater sugar. And indeed, seeds are good fat, very healthy. Please do another job.


This is utter rubbish. There is no mention of taste! Of course seeded bread will have a higher fat contents, but these are the good fats. And what about the taste. I'm sorry but weight watchers bread is like eating paper and asda smartprice white bread is not tasty. The berger bread you rated worst is probably the tastiest bread i have eaten in a long everything you need to eat in moderation. Also i agree that figures should have been compared by calories/gram not per slice.


A table comparison would be a fab idea! Much easier to scroll and compare


Very misleading. It should be done by 100g as this is a true comparison.

flower lady

What about featuring Aldi sometimes, a lot of us shop now out of necessity and the quality is really great!


Why not complete the article with the results in a simple table so's we don't have to go trawling through 21 pages?

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