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phillip mcinerney

In every good and bad list they only go by fat, calorie, salt and sugar content. They don't factor in artificial ingredients.

Carol Lambert

You've obviously never actually been bullied.


Can you be sure. Are you just being a new age worrier.

John Steven Dutton

You are not being fair to appetiser in these reviews. How can a drink which has 100% natural ingredients score so low. Would you give real fruit such a low rating because of its sugar content. No! and that is just plain ridiculous. No wonder appletise is having such bad sales if you are spouting such nonsense!!!


I never even heard of half of these sodas before until now.

helen welsh

Its a shame you dont join in the conversation instead of being a bully

Melanie Jean Hoyle

Aspartame in large amounts is bad. It gives you the trots. Plus it tastes nasty. I'd rather have real sugar and not use as much of it.

Jason Bentley

It's a shame you're not as concerned about your awful grammar.


i have also read about about aspartame and acesulfame in all our foods i found it in all foods and drinks it makes you ill i through everything out of my cuboard and fridge i had all low fat as i was on a diet i was left empty i had to shop again this time checking all products causes ms sore heads a lot of things please read up on this as its changed my way of eating i do not trust anything as far as i know it is well known in america that sweetner causes damage to your body

Jenny Eatwell

I am shocked that nowhere in this piece is Aspartame or Acesulfame declared as an ingredient. To my knowledge, it is even worse - healthwise - than saccharin and I am quite sure there is more than one of the drinks discussed here that contain it. Come on - tell us the whole truth about our food, not half of it!

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