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They are positive about appletise except the sugar content.

Shaun O'Reilly

Your comment at the end made my day haha.

John Steven Dutton

Rating a drink with all natural contents as 3 out of 10 is appalling. Surely apppletise is far healthier than all of the low fat drinks containing junk additives. This is very misleading and I am wondering if you are being sponsored by an unhealthy drink company?????


You might want to consider the possibility that the site itself is full of it. It looks like they've chosen the myopic stance of focusing predominantly on 2 things: calories, and sugar. Fruit juices contain a fairly large amount of both. There's no implication here that there's any added sugar, just a "heavy helping", i.e. what's already there. Most of their best rated drinks are low in sugar and calories (it's amazing what can be achieved with chemicals in a lab!) and full of god-knows what else. tl;dr - keep drinking Appletizer like its fruit juice (i.e. not too often), don't touch most of their recommendations with a 10ft pole, and take internet health advice (including mine) with a massive pinch of salt.

Chris Baker

When I last looked at the wording on an Appletiser bottle, it clearly stated that there was NO ADDED SUGAR, only the natural fructrose contained in the fruit. .Now I'm being told, above, it has a 'heavy helping of sugar' ! What on earth is going on ? Has the sugar content in this product been altered, or can they simply lie about the ingredients ? What a shambles !!!

julia claxton

As this is a site on well-being perhaps you could do a list based on purity rather than calories as some calories are natural foods. I have found I am allergic to citric acid (the additive made from molasses/fruit mould - not fresh citrus) so finding a drink (and other foods eg yoghurts) without this additive is near impossible as it is added to nearly all of them, concentrated juices, lemonade, coke, lager etc. Appletiser is one of the few drinks around without additives and is one of the purest drinks you can have apart from water and coconut water. Just take account of the calories as part of a sensible diet.


You have bast your rating system almost entirely on Cals. Fair play for mentioning the additives, but with such a low rating people will be drawn to the better rated drinks with all the unnatural ingredients that are so unhealthy. I think you should change the heading to best and worst calarific drinks. Just best and worst is misleading and will not help someons wellbeing!

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