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Laurents Saavedra

Best I`ve ever used is the karmin hair straightener :D

Carol Stapleton

This is odd! I've had little need to use these nano straighteners as my hair has been short for quite a while. This is the odd part; the first instant of my hair being of sufficient length to use any type of straighteners, which worked when my hair was longer now no longer work! Coincidence? Or is the universe being kind to me, if you ask the invisible force often enough and it it deems it apropriate then it will be supplied. The Babylis Nano Straightener was absolutely fabulous I am going to buy some more, especially as I've just seen them @ £10! Love a bargain.

Charlotte Gunn

I've often wondered if it's worth splashing out on top of the range straighteners or if they have improved enough over the last few years that these days, more affordable brands straighten your hair just as well - this gallery proves that you can get a good pair of hair straighteners for under £40.

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