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Nina Kang

i was looking for something to read and night this as last resort, be honest. I'm so glad i did! As a fairly sceptical person, i was expecting something predictable and boring but i could not put this book down, reading far later the night than i normally do. Me Before You is a story about true love, relationships and the questions surrounding our rights live we want to. the characters are lovable, but, . more importantly, believable and you find yourself wanting everything to turn out right. which it does, Just not as you're expecting it to. i could go on,but I'll spoil it for anyone wanting to read it. which everyone should.

bobbie killip

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is an incredibly moving story. At turns funny, sad, inspirational and touching, it tells the tale of a young woman who doesn't really know what she wants from life, and a young man who knows exactly what he wants but can't have it. It has one of the saddest but best endings I've ever read. Get the tissue box handy if you're reading this book, because you're going to need it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll smile wistfully and hopefully, you'll go and do something worthwhile. A beautiful, bittersweet tale that will leave you feeling melancholy but inspired.


this remains one of the most touching books i have ever read. the story stays with you. i loved this book and was moved to tears by it. it was a disappointment when i came to the end of it

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