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Rosie Ryves-Webb

I read this book recently whilst on a trip to London. To start with I wasn't sure if I liked it but as the book progressed I found myself swept away in the story line. At times I found myself sat on the tube laughing out loud or holding back tears. This story explores the elationship between Lou, a small town girl, and Will, a man who used to lead a full life in the city but is now paralysed and struggling to adjust. It's heartwarming and touching with quite a bit of humour too! It also makes you think more about people with physical disabilities which I found refreshing - I haven't ever read a book before with a lead character who is so severely disabled and I don't know anyone in a wheelchair so I found it enlightening to consider how they interact with the world. I'd highly recommend this book for a holiday read or just a lazy Sunday in bed.

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