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Susie Groom

Extraordinary book that makes you wonder about your own man. Very popular and deserved to stay in the No 1 best seller list for so long. An emotional & unusual read with so many things happening from her son falling overboard on a boat trip to Joanna trying to keep her daughter safe. Decisions Decisions! You have to get to the end.

Mary 'supermum' williams

This review is for the day you saved my life. Not sure why its come up o here too x

Mary 'supermum' williams

This is such a gripping read, This book will have you in tears, holding your breath, smiling, and thinking all at the same time, Joanna takes her daughter Holly away to Paris to help her through her postnatal depression, little does she know how bad it will turn out. Mikey, Holly's son falls overboard on a boat trip, and gets rescued by a stranger James who is on the boat with his wife Alexa, but after meeting him holly is attracted to James and things start to go wrong and everyone has secrets hiding that will soon start to show, Joanna is trying to keep her daughter safe from making the wrong decisions but is so happy to see her getting on with happiness with the postnatal depression. as the story goes on the secrets start to show and peoples lives are starting to fall apart. it is so true with this book that if you read the first page you will not want to put it down, every time i came to the end of a chapter i wanted to carry on, and it was the first thing i wanted to pick up in the morning, i really didn't want it to end. i would recommend this to everyone for a great read that with give you so many emotions all through. xxx

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