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So, we are taking into account the whole good sugars vs bad sugars, right? Your body actually needs sugar, but good sugar is the better alternative (obviously).


I used to make cereal bars at home and sell to the kids in our neighborhood. But parents launched a complaint against me after all the kids turned very fat.


This is silly, just because it's low in fat does not mean it's better for you. I want to know which ones are full of rubbish and added sugar and which ones are full of real fruit, nuts and grains. This is more than not helpful it's misleading.


How does Nature Valley Protein bar (Peanut, almond and dk chocolate) rate in your comparison? They have 10 grams of protein, 190 calories, 6 grams sugar. They also contain 5gms of dietary fiber. That and the protein should count for something.

Steve Hickley

Don't you want a fair amount of calories in a cereal bar, to get you started for the day? It's sugar and crap like that you want to look out for.


i dont understand how squares get a higher healthy rating than eat natural bars. yes eat natural have higher calories and fat but they are good fats from nuts and seeds and the sugar is from fruit and dark chocolate (which has potassium) therefore more nutrient dense and will keep you fuller for longer. squares may be low in calories but they are full of refined sugar and offer no nutrients at all just empty calories and you will be hungry an hour later.




People shouldn't run down sites they choose to look at This is information on how healthy or unhealthy something is and not a price comparison site. Go look at prices if that's what you want


this articles kind of missing the point that sometimes it's better to go for higher calories if your fat is coming from healthy nuts and seeds, and your sugar from fruit. The natural the better


i know right there just dum people




why doesn't tell us the price of the most popular cereal bars.if it was my website i will put the price.divine

Gemma Chandler

Hi Sam, we agree, everything in moderation. We certainly don't recommend eating the whole box in one go!


just dont eat the whole box in one go then you will be fine, i say eat what you want, just in moderation, lifes to short to deprive yourself


Most snack bars are full of fat, sugar and calories. The bars that are better for you have crisp rice as their main ingredient which does not fill you up! Better to have nuts and oats that fill you for longer. Isn't it better to have a cereal bar than biscuits?

Hi :)

The Belvita and Kellogs breakfast biscuits may have more calories than the 'best' cereal bars, but they keep me going until lunch time (5 hours later) unlike the cereal bars. This means that I don't get hungry and snack.


Just because there are 4 in a packet, does not mean this is the serving size! The focus of this 'article' is almost completely on number of calories. Unless you're dieting, this isn't important! I'd much rather look at what else is in it - are the ingredients natural?/will it keep me full until lunchtime? Sorry to be so negative, but this is another empty article attempting shock tactics when there's nothing new in it.


Wow!! A real eye-opener! Thought I was being really healthy and now wish I'd had a full English instead! It would have saved me a few calories !!

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