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Nuket Tuna Keles

we need no sugar and no any sugar test. I ATE IN greece first was strange because everything sweet test in australia but after few biscuit I ate love it back to australia again everything sweet I hate to like it and then I start to miss sweet test our government paying medicines to balance our blood sugar plsssss stopppp to put all of them sweet teat we want NO ASWEEET TEST

Minda Apel

Claims 4 hours of sustained energy. I ate them & my body believed it.

honey and porridge

Ridiculous - calories does not equal healthy. An eighty calorie bar isn't going to fill anyone up. Eat some porridge, eat brown toast and peanut butter or some Weetabix and add some fruit. Goodness me


Low fat and low calorie is not synonymous with healthy, it's nutritional value that's important e.g. avocado is healthier than diet coke


Is fat percentage all that matters though? Seriously, carbs, protein, fibre and micros matter more in a cereal bar than fat does. Laughing that rice krispies squares got a higher score than some healthier options just because it's "lower fat"

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