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Make a paste with Bi-Carb and a little water and wipe over the inside of a clean oven, it will leave a white film but when you clean the oven the next time all grease will come off with a wipe, no scrubbing ! Reapply to keep oven sparkling, no build of grease and spills.


White vinegar for your shower head. Place the head in a plastic bag with white vinegar and leave for a few hours. No more limescale. Brilliant....

teresa macklin

i have been using toothpaste for cleaning my cooker for a long time i find that my cooker stays cleaner for a long time and i use white vinegar to keep my washing machine nice and fresh after my wash has finishedi just add a cupful and let my machine run on a cycle .


I use baking soda to clean stains inside cups and mugs that are sometimes left by tea or black coffee.


I use vinegar to clean my windows, mixed with a little water and sprayed onto the window glass and then wipe off with newspaper. Clears the exterior grime and leaves no smears.


After using a lemon for juicing I place the skin in my dishwasher and leave it there for about 5 washes instead of using any kind of cleaner and it leaves the dishwasher smelling fresh and cleans the filter too of any grease.


All you need to do is scroll through the gallery and it tells you what to do with everything. :)


what to use for what , what is the point in telling us we can do it , if you dont tell us what to use and for what ??????

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