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I used to be depressed by jobs and people that I didn't want to face. When I came across a thought on a page like this it literally changed my life. A prolem avoided becomes an elephant but a problem faced becomes a mouse. Try it.

Lisa Troccoli

My Dad used to always say to me "Live every day as if it's your last because one day you will be right" this became very true when my Dad passed away suddenly 2yrs ago so I feel this quote is very poignant to me.

Naomi macisaac

I love this quote as not only does it motivate me to keep going with being healthy but also in all areas of my life. Rocky style quote luv it!! Xx

Toni Smith-Enticott

Definitely do more of what makes you happy! We all have things to do that we have to do....but plenty of time for happy things to! One little thing every day!

Lydia Munchkins Mummy Appleyar

The one quote I keep with me, is on a plac in my kitchen so I see it every morning.... Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain..... it make me smile every morning, so come on ppl get your shoes off and come dance in the rain wt me xx

Abigail Smith

Love this!!

sharon roberts

Thats so true, There are so many nasty people out there, i would rather just walk away from them than be friends with them.

Patricia Morgan

This is a beautiful quote and my favourite out of them all x

Claire Blaney

This one I my fave a true I love because it really means something to me personally as I smile through the oain all the time :-)


Love this one! I'm always saying this to people!!

Rebecca Taylor

i agree totally

Julie Jenkins-Jessup

This is so true as you never know what is around the corner

linda wood

No regrets .... they only weigh you down !!

Gemma Hynds

I love this inspirational quote because love is important in my life I love my family, and friends and I love to tell people how much I love them as well as that love being reciprocated it makes you feel special ♡

Karen Painter

Quote number 4 is my favourite. I believe that we should all try to turn our dreams into reality wherever possible.


i love quote no 17 its a big achievement to stay married in this society

Rachel O

Push yourself quote is my favourite. Not just relating to getting fit!

Bernadette Travers

No 6 my favourite quote is love means never having to say your sorry (because you never do anything to hurt the one you love)

Elaine Dale

love this, as it means don't waste time procrastinating but get out there and do it

Vicki Forster

I love quote number 4... life is so precious !! we never know just how lucky we are.. so live each day and love each person x


I love this: but should also have: With a smile, to drive frowns away.

Ellen Stafford

Very this one.

FionaLynne Edwards

I love this one, being a born worrier, this is so true!

greig spencer

very true and you should allways be your self!

Corinne Faulkner

This is so true as only yourself can help turn a corner in life


this is true worrie myself sick about things i cant control my quote is / let they without sin cast the first stone


this is very true i do something everyday that makes me happy:) x

Sarah Maclean

"Do more of what makes you happy" - Inspires me to try and do this more each day.


love this it is so true x

Evelyn Moffat

This means a lot to me as being the victim of bullying at school, I know these words are very true xx

Debbie Anne Hume

I love this one ..It keeps you positive and happy xxx

Susan Law

Love this as it just means that you will be happier and happier!

George Worboys Wright

I love this quote because it's something to aspire to! The saying I like that isn't listed is: It's better to regret something you've done than something you haven't done!

Lacy Savage

So true, I believe this relates to my close friends, sisters and hubby x

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