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Emma Selby

This is deffo my favourite! Literally sums up my life right now but i know when i come back bigger, better and stronger both sets of people will have made me that person! (although it will be the ones who built me up that i'll be buying a drink for! And maybe sharing my towels with if i win ;p )

Lucy Howarth

Ooh I like this one. Never heard it before and it's quite empowering to think we can gain from negative experiences and negative people :)

Lydia Munchkins Mummy Appleyar

I love this one. I have had many ppl in my life try to knock me down, but at the end of the day I can say its made me who I am and I like me, and through it all (wt my son being ill and my divorce) I have found some amazing friends who help me to stay strong. so thanks to all those who tried to put me down, I will not let your negativity hold me down. <3

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