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this is a really good idea especially after an argument


i love this quote as life really is too short to spend it doing stuff that makes you unhappy, more happy times are needed x

Kay Page

This is a good one, it's so easy to take each other for granted and gradually slip away from each other.

Jacqueline Fawcett

I think this is so true. A person who really does know you well, and loves you.. will always see when you're pretending. This is the quote that sticks with me, so true in my case. xx

Cheryl Dickson

I love this because my partner was recently involved in a car crash and although he lived to tell the tale, he might not have done, so i always make sure the last words i say to him before he goes out are 'I love you' now. x

Tiffany Vaughan Crawford

so very true , not many love or get to be loved this way

Danni Mackenzie-to Be

So true! This has been me many a time. But my amazing partner sees through every smile that wasn't an honest one. That sure is TRUE love


LOVE this quote, it is so true, My husband can read me like a book :)

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