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Wendy Gardner

The colours are from kitchen spices: paprika, turmeric (that stains anything, dont ask me what I did!!) And I had a stain on the white school shirt too, nuked with bleach everything, ruined. I dont think the harm ot the insides, in fact, they are used by many nutrition enthusiasts. Maybe you can make your own lolly with frozen diluted fruit juice? I tried coconut water with honey& chamomile tea.. no complaints!

Pat pat

Just given my 7 year old a mini Calipo ice lolly and it dropped onto her white (I know!) dress. As we are at home I immediately took it off and soaked it in water. That didn't work so sprayed it with stain remover but still no luck. The dress is ruined but more to the point what is the ingredient in the thing I have just treated my granddaughter to? Never again. If it does that to material what is it doing to her insides?

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