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Ldy Angela Thomson

Leo could be my Romeo anyday x x

Marianne Hill

The Aviator

Helen Moore Dooley



has to be titanic best film ever i laught i cryed never forget this film or leonardo decaprio

Aga Iwanicha

He was amazing in Revolutionary Road!

Rachael Woodhouse

Titanic - deffo!

Pete McLaughlin

Titanic was epic!

Helena de Oliveira

There are some great 'Leo movies', narrowing down to one, I would have to go with 'The Beach'...

Charlie 'Lion' Edelman

The Great Gatsby


favourite is titanic

nigel pickering

titanic was the best film he starred in fantastic film

Joy Dehany

I liked Catch me if you can. I feel it was one of his better films.

Vicki Farrant

I liked catch me if you can !


It's Titanic for me. I have watched this film several times now

FionaLynne Edwards

It's gotta be Titanic - it's my daughter's favourite film.


My favourite Leonardo DiCaprio film is Catch Me If You Can

Carlie Timey Wimey Walker

This is my fave film with the lovely Leo. It's one if my fave films of all times

Chris Fliss

What's eating Gilbert Grape for me, he was young but very talented even then :-)

liz denial

J. Edgar is my all time favourite Leonardo Dicaprio film


The talented Mr Ripley is my fave

Olivia Kirby

My favourite is The Departed. This is my favourite of his films, it's one of my favourite ever. I love Jack Nicholson and it's a pretty decent Hollywood remake of Chinese thriller, Internal Affairs.

Geri Gibson

My favourite L de C film is J Edgar a biopic of Hoover but I don't think he's ever done a bad one. An excellent actor in spite of his pin up looks LOL

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