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phillip mcinerney

Fage should be a lot higher, maybe even first.


Never knew that about Shape yogurts having 3.1g sugar per pot. That is obviously the best. Thanks.

Victoria Hinchliff

the best by a LANDSLIDE is Skyr, I can't believe you didn't include it! Thick and creamy texture. Barely any fat or sugar and crammed with protein which is great for ensuring the weight lost is fat not muscle mass! 65kcal/11g protein per 100g, which, per calorie, is better than chicken breast! Widely available in big pots of around 500g in Natural, strawberry & honey and they're pretty much always on offer for roughly £1 at all the major supermarkets. Waitrose run a vanilla small pot which is so good, you can't even tell its low fat!


Not sure about that, but the FDA does allow a certain percentage of bug parts to be in your food. Also, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates there are at least 2 billion people on the planet who eat bugs regularly. It would take a LOT for me to go down that aisle, lol!


Best yogurt on the market is Danon Oikos Triple Zero - 120 calories, 0 Fat, no added sugar (the 6g of sugar is from the lactose), 15g of sugar, and the cou de gras - a HUGE 6g of Dietary Fiber!

Peter Basil

How did you miss out on the best Yoghurt available ..... DANONE "VITALINEA" Zero % Fat... Zero % Sugar ??

Paul G Lacey

Are DANONE still using Cochineal (beetles blood) in their fruit yoghurts. Are Good to Know going to start including bad E numbers and substances in the ingredients of branded products they test? be a great help for allergies etc.


The best yougert is caramel pots of joy


The best yougert is cream egg pots of joy because it is beautiful

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