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phillip mcinerney

Fage 0 percent with added honey is far superior to weight watchers.


I have to agree with Josordini here. It angers me. This is a completely ridiculous review, which makes no sense at all. You obviously have assigned someone with zero nutritional knowledge to write this. This yogurt is all natural. You can choose how much honey you add (that's the whole point of a corner yogurt!) and as you are obviously unaware - honey contains natural sugar. Show me a honey that doesn't. And readers - there is really no reason to avoid honey on a diet. Why not include their plain yogurt in this feature - which would beat the others hands down. The yogurt is completely natural with nothing added. Simply milk and cultures - unlike most in this review. Have some pride in what you choose to inform your readers. Try and post accurate and sensible information. I suggest you check your facts before posting such daft comments as you are only making yourselves look silly.


These ill conceived surveys make me so angry! Total 0% yoghurt is also available plain without any additives, and would be more healthy than some of the other plain yoghurts you are showing, and certainly more healthy than the Shape you awarded 2nd place to , or Weight Watchers which came first, both of which have added chemicals in the form of sweeteners and thickeners. You choose to pick the split pot with pure honey in a side pot, that can be eaten with the plain yoghurt, and then complain it contains sugar. Well how are you going to find a honey that DOESN'T contain sugar? And the idea of a split pot, likewise a Muller Corner, is so you can add as much or as little as you wish. Next time please compare like to like, i.e. plain yoghurts against plain yoghurts, and flavoured yoghurts (or yoghurts with flavours to be added, like Muller Corners and Total Split pots) against flavoured yoghurts.

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