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Linda pollock

I often cut my daughter's and my husband's hair in our kitchen. Would you like to write a story about it?


Let's be honest, it doesn't really matter what Katie does, there will always be people out there that don't like what she does or has done


I think she looks great and is a better example to the youngsters now as she is looking beautiful naturally instead of having fake hair,fake tan etc. I disagree that she needs a fringe.


She used to look like she was 25, and now she looks like 50, with that ugly short haircut.


Looks. Fab makes hire look even younger 😃


@Jayprime - what a horrible comment about a lovely deed! She looks lovely and a little girl will be so much more confident because of it!


Shame her high forehead and lack of fringe make it look as though she has a receding hairline!


I really hope that all these ladies are sending their hair to Little Princess Trust, where they make wigs for children with cancer. The wigs cost £360+ to make but they are given to the children free of charge. I sent my hair in January, I cut off 16". Apparently the children don't like the synthetic ones as they scratch the head. The hair has to be at least 7" long, tied at one end/or rubber band.

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