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Eric Lemon

These comparisons are rather ruined by not giving the WEIGHT of each pie.


Well you've got 3 choices, don't eat any of them, make your own or enjoy the ones you like and worry about the extra calories later. Christmas is a time for celebration and food is definitely part of that celebration. I don't think a couple of mince pies here or there is going to cause the fall of civilization so eat up, there is always the New Year!!


How can you have a mince pie that doesn't contain lots of fat and sugar? It's impossible! I never buy mince pies anyhow, I always bake my own, and you can achieve lovely shortcrust pastry using one of the 'lighter' vegetable fats such as Flora or 'Taste's Like Butter.'

Judy Cera

Talk about stating the blooming obvious! Mini mince pies have fewer calories and less sugar/fat/salt than bigger mince pies! I think we could have worked that out for ourselves! However, when offered a plate of mini mince pies you're more likely to have more than one, so it doesn't mean they're more healthy. Personally I see Christmas as a time to relax and not obsess over every single calorie.

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