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Gemma Chandler

Hi JuicyJ, There's been so much about sugar in the news lately, and we just had no idea how much of it was hiding in so many of our everyday foods. Well done on giving up sugar, and thanks for the banana bread idea! We'll definitey be baking this rather than reaching for the biscuit tin!


I've given up sugar, main reason being i'm type 1 diabetic so have to take insulin to control my blood glucose - i've been avoiding sugar for around 6 months and can honestly say I don't get cravings to eat sugar or carbohydrates which means my moods are better, my blood sugars are not swinging wildly and i'm less hungry. If I want a sweet treat I bake banana bread with butter, flour, raisins, cinnamon and a dash of Agave syrup, take an hour and is delicious, still has some carbs but less of the refined stuff. Am shocked at how much sugar is in processed food so glad this story is getting publicity, otherwise people will continue to become obese and unhealthy.

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