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Penny miller

I don't think its an age thing,if you have long hair and it suites you as well as the condition then why change it,unless you want to,you don't have to have shorter hair just because you've reached a certain age. I'm 52 and my hair is past my shoulders and died blond to blend in with the grey,I think it can make you look younger and hied an ageing neck and chin area.people are always telling me I don't look my age because of my hair which is naturally curly.


have to agree with you pinksnip. these people are so looked after ! they dont get up in the morning and have to make themselves look good. somebody does it for them! would love that !


i turn 60 in december but i have had the same style for many years. havent got a clue to how to change !


Your showing all these gorgeous styles but all of the, have been created by a stylist and are not easy for home use. Plausible al the Stars have the most amazing makeup too. Just saying.☺️


Suitable styles for a 62 year old

seaside nannie

I turn 60 in around 8 weeks time, my hair at the moment is long, past my shoulders, nearly half way down my back, what would be the best style for me to wear my hair that is easy to manage and keep inn shape?


I love Kate Silverton's hairdo. I'm 80 years old though, and don't know if it would suit me! Still have dark hair with just a little bit of grey!

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