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jim smith

tried Clairol twice now & both times it was useless! Im thinking the "pre treatment cream" is preventing the dye from penetrating the grey hairs. I wouldnt bother with it again tho! Waste of money!


I've used Clairol tone and highlights for years and changed to pro age but wished I hadn't, it doesn't cover greys at all I even left it on longer to ensure it would do the job but my hair was exactly the same as before so much so I had to re-colour it.m again. Very disappointed


I used Olia in december and only needing to redye it now very impressed.


I have at one time or another used all but the john frieda one and found all of them pretty good except for one , the olia one which did make my haie a bit lank and greasy feeling although that might be due to just the type of hair I have perhaps not suiting a product that based on an oil. I now have my hair done by a good friend who happens to be a hairdresser but when I di use home kits myself one I did go back to again and again and one I was never disappointed with the results of was the nice n easy and fortunately very reasonably priced.

Jane hammond

I use John freida, its really easy, the colours are lovely, and my hair shines when I've used it.

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