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Tom Turek

What is eating 'healthy'? Surely nopt the calories and cholesterol gatbage pushed out by lamestream medicine? Caloriues? It's the carbs that fatten. Digested carbs first top up the muscle and liver glycogen, the stored sugar. The rest is rapidly converted to bodyfat in the cells' mitochondria via the Krebs cycle. Digested fat only slowly converts to useable energy molecules in the liver. Fructose converts DIRECTLY into bodyfat in the liver. HFCS accelerates this. Calories don't count because in human physiology,, (Human Physiology, Vander, Sherman & Luciano, Ph Ds, U of VA), there exist various 'homeostasis' mechanisms. These try to maintain bodyfat stores by varying the metabolic rate, MR. The MR is affected by what, when and how much or how little is eaten. When one reduces calories and eats less, within days the MR rate slows to conserve fuel stores for the assumed upcoming famine. With this lower MR, if one then eats 'normally', as on a low calorie diet one is hungry, (lethargic, and frustrated), the weight will shoot up, thus the famous yoyo effect. Another homeostasis mechanism is thermic effect which is bone structure dependent. A light boned 'ectomorph' can gulp down half a gallon of 60% sugared ice-cream and weigh the same next day. They have a very high, inherent MR rate rise after such a meal. Conversely a heavy boned 'endomorph' will gain fat on a slice of apple pie, due to a very low inherent MR rise. There are two other traps in calorie counting. By eating less fat, the stomach motility, (emptying), speeds up by 100%, leaving the person hungy sooner for.. more fattening carbs. If fats are eaten, stomach emptying is much slower to allow time for the fats to be digested and absorbed. The other BIG problem is that high fat foods such egg yolks, cream/butter and animal fats are all super foods that PROTECT arteries, so one accelerates arterial calcification on a low calorie, low fat diet. Why are you being misinformed by FDA, dieticians and here by NN? IMO, to market the toxic and useless statin drugs, fats have to be made to look BAD, to fatten, which they don't and to clog arteries, which they don't.

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