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Teresa Rocha

WARNING! Don't buy Solait from Superdrug!! I bought factor 50 went on holiday and followed all instructions! Got sun burns in areas of my body and other were white like I had covered them!! This product is a risk for public health.

Susan Teague

Tesco own brand ... 5* protection and really great value for money !! x


Solait sun cream is the worst ever cream. Factor 50 and covered my daughter in it three times in a day and yet she still got burnt. Joke

willie baird

Good luck Hope u don't get mugged

van win

No wonder dolphins and whales are beaching themselves.

I don't beeeleeeeve it

Awwww shucks, bought some today (as the weekend is supposed to be hot hot hot) and they are on the fail side :(

Charlie Johnston

Tesco everyday factor 30 sun lotion best of all lotions we have used. Used many of the very expensive. Tesco far superior, no burns great even tan that lasts without skin being dry

David Beck

For many years now I have used the Ultrasun range of sun protection and never had a problem. Easy to apply, not sticky and lasts all day.its expensive and does not smell great when first applying but that goes off.

J star

Which is the best sun cream I'm going to Dominican republic


Always used branded sun oil until we were stuck in Portugal with the ash cloud (devastated haha) . There was a Lidl there so tried there sun cream AMAZING never use anything else now


I used Malibu on a recent holiday in Madrid, when I returned I had a severe reaction to the cream on my face & neck, the only places I applied the cream, I suffered burning & itching sensations for about 2 weeks after,i have also heard of other people having the same problems.even though I used 50 factor,, I have needed medical treatment to alleviate the problems caused by using this product,


So can anyone advise which is the best in price and being reliable

liz crathern

do not buy asda clear spray - stained clothing brown and with factor 50 burned us - on first day here in Cyprus - chucked it all down the sink - it is dangerous - should have stuck with the ASDA cream - much better - now we have to buy seem here on holiday


Marks & Spencer factor 50 great sun protection but ruined my swimsuit and a blouse with heavy yellow permantent staining. Tried to complain but was told....'The product is not designed to be worn with clothing' be warned.

G haden

Which is best sun cream


Sorry, not clear now, the cream in question was Malibu. I poured all bottles down the sink


I bought this last year and the whole family, including children, burned the first day despite being covered in factor 30 and following all safety guidelines. NEVER again!

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