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Doug Rose-Smith

Hi, I'm a 65yo male with over-active bladder, which I've had for the last three years. If you have this condition, your gp will prescribe Vesicare (solfenacin), a bladder muscle relaxant which gave me almost instant relief. There is also a brilliant vesicare improvement programme, which gives you support by phone and e-mail for the first 6 months and a credit card sized "pass" to show to pubs, cafes etc if you get caught short away from home. All the above problem foods were identified by the VIP.

EllieMae's grandad

Excellent feedback - thanks.

Staying in control

You feature exclusively women but men are increasingly likely to have bladder problems with age and with potentially serious consequenses. Prostate problems are exacerbated by bladder problems and as I also acquired Prostatitis after prostate surgery, I know only too well how extremely painful it can be. After extensive medication failures over 8 months I resolved to try a dietary solution. Almost all the points listed in this blog allowed me to take control of the problem, which eventually resolved (over a three month period) without further medication. I would add that clothing and seating posture also have a place in managing bladder problems. Caffeine is a definate irritant and I avoid it at all costs. There was a noticeable effect within a very short time after cutting it out. Alcohol in moderation had lttle effect but with white wine being far more astringent than red. Dense, spicy sauces are a no-no and excess sugar is to be avoided. Raw onions (salads etc.,) are a problem but not when cooked. Keep hydrated and don't avoid going to the toilet, as dense urine is likely to be more painful when voiding and if retained it is a more toxic irritant. Bowel movements are also a critical factor, as a full bowel puts pressure on the bladder and increases urinary urgency. Unfortunately, Prostatitis is always with me, as surgery sensitises the bladder. However, I am now in control and any resurgence is due to my dietary lapses.

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